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Meet Wahiawa's Shin Buddhist Team

Rod Moriyama

Temple President for

Wahiawa Hongwanji Mission

Mr. Moriyama has served as our temple president for several years. Under his leadership we have invested in updating our infrastructure, built depth into our temple board leadership team, and fostered a dharma centered experience for anyone who touches our temple.

Rev. Kojun Hashimoto

Religious Leader for

Wahiawa Hongwanji Mission

Sensei Hashimoto has been a Jodo Shinshu minister in Hawaii for nine years and worked in Kagoshima Betsuin, Japan, for six years before coming to Hawaii. He has been our temple Sensei since June, 2012...

Dale Shimaura

Vice President, Membership & Outreach for Wahiawa Hongwanji Mission

Ms. Shimaura is the heart of our temple. If she is not planning for our next service, she is welcoming someone to our temple or helping a temple member. And if not there, she is taking care of her mother, nieces, and nephews.

Board of Directors


Rod Moriyama

Past President

Glenn Hamamura

Vice Presidents

Dale Shimaura, 

Carolyn Uchiyama,

Karen Pang


Amy Kanemaru


Gaylen Yonamine

Legal Advisor

Marcus Oshiro


Charlene Acohido

Norman Fujioka

Jan Fukada

Brian Fukuhara

Wendy Fukuhara

Lillian Lee

Vivian Murayama

Mavis Nakabayashi

Joy Okimoto

Denise Okouchi

Marcus Oshiro

Venus Oshiro

Trustees Emeriti

Neal Tomita

Brian Kimura

Jack Tsujihara

The Wahiawa Hongwanji Mission's Leadership Team stand ready to listen!  Please feel free to reach out to them with any questions or thoughts you may have.  You can reach them by calling 808.622.4320, dropping by the office or emailing.

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