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Participating in every day life is a core Shin Buddhist practice!  Discover what the Temple has to offer its Sangha and the larger communtiy. Here you can find all the Clubs, Classes, Associations and Committees here at Wahiawa Hongwanji Mission.

Tai Chi for Health

Every Monday from 6:30-7:30PM

For more information call the Temple office @ 808.622.4320

Sunset Meditations

Mindful Meditations are held every first and third Monday at 4:30 with Dr. Patrick Jichaku.


We have posted a number of Mindful Meditations through the chanting of the Sutra and music.


For more information contact the Temple Office at: 



Come learn how to write Japanese calligraphy every Monday @ 9:00AM

For more information call the Temple office @ 808.622.4320

Wahiawa Kendo Club

Kendo is a modern Japanese martial art that focuses on swordsmanship in a sports setting while using wooden swords (shinai). For more information please visit: 


Aikido is a Japanese martial art that stresses self-defense while leaving the attacker without permanent injury.


For more information please contact Reid Moriyama at the Temple office @ 808.622.4320


First and third Thursday of each month @ 8:30AM.

For more information call the Temple office @ 808.622.4320

Japanese Conversational Class

Every  Wednesday @ 6:00PM.


For more information call the Temple office @ 808.622.4320

Volunteer Groups

Our temples volunteer groups include Club Ashoka and Project Dana. Club Ashoka's purpose is to develop interest in the ideals, philosophy and teachings of Buddhism, to foster fellowship, and to participate in the welfare of the association and community. Project Dana provides a variety of support services through a corps of trained volunteers, guided by the principle of "Dana," which combines selfless giving and compassion in contributing towards the well-being of frail elderly, disabled persons, and family caregivers. 


For more infromation contact the Temple office @ 808.622.4320

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